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AvaStation provides the most equal and decentralized moon launchpad
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Seamless use of DAPP on various blockchain networks. Just connect your wallet to the network you want.

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Vision & Priorities

Consolidating and building a multi-chain and decentralized crypto asset ecosystem,
we believe that the future of the entire crypto industry is multi-chain.

100% Fair &
Decentralized Capital

All of our products are built with no human intervention, DAO Governance automatically creates fairness and allows teams to focus on the next DAPP.

Compatibility & Accessibility

Our services are cross-chain, allowing projects, communities and token developers to use the tools that are best for them, we have everything you need in the Defi industry.

Token support for
economic development

We introduce and develop a token economy on multiple Blockchains, leading to an interoperable token economy on known Blockchains

Why Projects Choose Us

We aim to synthesize all
the most advanced and
optimal services for all

What we have for launch:

 ​ The best and most accessible launchpad

 ​ ​Token launching with a few clicks 

 ​​ ​​Support you to lock liquidity and lock tokens with a 0 fee

 ​ ​​KYC, token audit, professional and fastest technical advice

 ​ ​​Build and connect community for you

 ​ ​Effective marketing support

 ​ ​​General advice

 ​ ​​Protect customers from fraud and scams in the most professional way 

 ​ ​​Post-launch support

Service Criteria

All Projects

Unlimited development space

We design a platform suitable for any project. You are free to choose the desired launch format depending on your development goals.
Launch methods from beginner to advanced give users many layers of added benefits. Features are built flexibly so that the development team can design a unique and suitable launchpad.

All Investors

Companion and trust

AvaStation gives you maximum investment options, helping you to break through the difficulties of existing fundraising platforms. AvaStation's protocol helps Investors accurately determine the quality of each project, providing a set of objective evaluation criteria, thereby creating a reliable database for users to refer. 

All Teams

Perfect support

AvaStation understands that a project is only good when there is a qualified development team and we are ready to add good resources to support the development project teams. Maximum support, minimal costs – that's all your team needs.

All Communities

Fair to all members

Users create communities. Communities create the development power of the entire ecosystem. Therefore, AvaStation always brings the fairest and most transparent mechanisms to the community. We allocate benefits based on each member's contribution to the project. All your support is recognized by the system and gives you commensurate benefits.

Why did we launch AvaStation!?

As you know, technology has changed the world just as quickly as the advent of Crypto has changed the investment mindset. All aim for a fairer, more progressive environment and developing, sharing benefits together.

In that rush, there are both positive and negative things. Many quality projects are born to contribute to the overall development of the Crypto market. Others take advantage of this craze to make money from new Investors. Therefore, right now, the market needs more "guides" to help good projects find a foothold and investors find quality projects. We - AvaStation was born as a navigator showing the way for everyone. Whoever you are, a new project owner or an investor, if you ask, we are here to help!

AvaStation has been conceptualized and built a technology foundation from the beginning of 2021. AvaStation's system has fast processing speed, high automation ability, and intelligent multi-chain connections. We're confident in our team's core technologies so that AvaStation can serve as many projects and users as possible.

And what is unique, more than a great idea, are the working ideals that the AvaStation development team is pursuing. Through a year of preparation with a lot of volatility from the market, we believe more and more than what we are doing is right, and we are ready to overcome any difficulties to bring the best launchpad platform to the world.

Innovate Crypto, Develop Crypto.

Give us more power, AvaStation will give you more in the future!

AvaStation Team